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Lofty Frocks



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  • Button V neck front
  • Loose fitting
  • Pull on style
  • Full gathered skirt
  • Skirt length 34"
  • Pockets
  • Breastfeeding friendly 


Please choose your print from the fabric library and add the fabric number to the order. 

Add your measurements. Please view the size guide page for assistance on how to measure yourself accurately. 

Add any extra's or changes you would like to make i.e to the length or change the sleeve.


Lofty Frocks is all about originality so most items are 'one of a kind’ or 'two of a kind’ at most which means all of our fabrics are different.

All fabrics are sourced by us and are mainly preloved or vintage as it's important to us to keep Lofty Frocks as sustainable as possible and not to create a negative impact on landfill.

We do also occasionally buy deadstock and end-of-line items and sometimes new but only in small quantities (enough for one or two dresses).

Once bought we insect and wash them all so they are already pre-shrunk which is so important especially if they are new.

Please enquire if you have any questions about a specific fabric! We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Shipping & Returns

We do not accept returns on any custom items. This means any items that have had alterations to a usual style or one designed with your chosen fabric to your specific size. We do however accept returns on ready-mades.


Size 6
Waist 24" & Bust 32"

Size 8
Waist 26" & Bust 34"

Size 10
Waist 28" & Bust 35" 

Size 12
Waist 30"  & Bust 37" 

Size 14
Waist 31" & Bust 39" 

Size 16
Waist  33" & Bust 42" 

Size 18
Waist 35" & Bust 43"

Size 20
Waist 37" & Bust 45"

Please view the size guide page for instructions on how to take custom measurements accurately.

Care Instructions

All fabrics are machine prewashed using a delicate or hand wash cycle.

Wash at 30 degrees delicates or handwash
Do not tumble dry
Turn garment inside out
Warm-hot iron

Please continue to care for your
Lofty Frocks item using these instructions. Use a wash bag for extra love.

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